Label Surfer 60 semi automatic label dispenser

Label Surfer 60 semi automatic label dispenser – designed for application of smaller barcodes, labels and tickets.

Application of Label Surfer 60:

  • for application of smaller barcodes, labels,
  • small working areas, office, labelling station.
  • classical design.


Label dispenser Label Surfer 60 – 7 different points

  1. Convenient for loading and unloading. Setting within 5 seconds – ready to feed is done within 5 seconds by simple touch. Linear scrap is easily removed because our label dispenser’s coiler rewinds linear scrap without strong pulling. You can easily remove it within 1-2 seconds.
  2. Occupy only the smallest area. Our label dispenser needs area as only wide as label roll’s width due to its compact structure and design.
  3. Maintaining uniform feeding speed. Other label dispenser rewinds linear scrap with drawing. So as rewinds of it the diameter is increased and the speed is getting more faster and faster. But our label dispenser keeps uniform speed all the time by the structure of two rolls pulling system.
  4. Accurate stop position. Under 1mm tolerance by micom controls to motor driver IC.
  5. Can adjust speed. Enable to speed setting by button.
  6. Numerical stop position setting.
  7. Work counter.
Dimensions 220mm(L)×96mm(W)×138mm(H)
Display 6 digit LED
Feeding speed 40mm/sec
Label width from 5 to 60mm
Roll application 200mm
Power 220V 50/60Hz
Application method semi automatic
Weight 2,3 kg



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